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© G Design Studio, Creative Direction: Alexandros Gavrilakis

With a history spanning over 100 years, the Athens State Orchestra performs over fifty concerts a year, in Athens and abroad, giving “audiences the opportunity to enjoy the masterpieces of the world music repertoire, as well as providing the primary showcase for Greek compositions”. When back in 2011, we were asked to transform all aspects of the Athens State Orchestra brand in order to strengthen its image and increase its relevance for audiences everywhere, we decided to create a visual identity that would redefine what a cultural organisation such as the State Orchestra can and should be: diverse, accessible and with an international perspective, yet respectful of its ancestral heritage.

The user interface is designed in consistency with the brand identity, providing a user-friendly environment where visitors can be informed about the Orchestra’s concerts at Athens Concert Hall, Odeon of Herodes Atticus and on tour, while navigating through Orchestra’s rich concert history with a powerful search tool.

At the heart of the identity is a new iconic logo consisting of three intertwining symbols that depict the main instrument families of an orchestra (wind instrument, brass and percussion), each one doubling as a Cycladic idol, an ancient amphora and an Ionic column.

© G Design Studio, Creative Direction: Alexandros Gavrilakis

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